Battle comic with Christopher Downes

Rex V Downes teaser

Wanna see the rest? Head on over to Christopher's site where he has also made a revenge comic.


Hey everyone! I'm doing a bit better though still recuperating. I can now walk (very) short distances on crutches, mostly when I'm hopped up on painkillers. My arm feels worse than before. Movement is limited and I have no grip. I'm really hoping its just the bruising and nothing is torn in there.

Here's a comic I drew up about two weeks ago for Christopher Downes. He put out a call for a fight comic where you get to beat him up. (There was no way I was going to pass on that chance!) However, he didn't mention that there would be a revenge comic!

I love Christopher's version of Sheikasaurus Rex. He has such a way with expressions, and the faces in the revenge comic are absolutely hilarious.

See you again soon, and don't forget to throw a guest comic my way if you get a chance. :)


OC 85: Cheap thrills

 I get really whiny and childish when I'm sick. Micah's really good at knowing what cheers me up at times like this. Also, I'm getting better at drawing his weird poofy hair! Yay!

OC 84: Fart jokes


I'm pretty excited about the movie "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." I love Edgar Wright as a director and Michael Cera just seems to fit the part. I've never been a fan of comic-movies (movies based on comics ala X-Men, Daredevil etc) except for a certain few (mainly V for Vendetta and Dark Knight.) They always turn them into shitty commercial action films. However, Edgar Wright has a deep appreciation for alternative comics and a firmly tongue-in-cheek approach to film-making. If "Scott Pilgrim" ends up anything like his earlier films (see Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), I think I'll enjoy it.

Also, Scott Pilgrim avatar/poster maker! Hehehehehehe.


OC 83: Baking


It actually wasn't that bad. It tasted like a very basic sort of...dense unleavened bread. I got a lot better with each successive attempt.

bread 01bread 04bread 06pie 01

From left to right:

1. The very first bread. Just water, flour, yeast and salt.
2. Substituted the water for milk, added butter and sugar. The loaf came out fluffy and buttery, the cross buns were buttered right before baking which resulted in a nice crisp crust. The giant cinnamon roll was an experiment, it was fluffy but not cinnamon-y enough.
3. A sweet milk loaf with a cinnamon spiral through the inside. I rolled out the dough in a snake, coated one side with powdered cinnamon then rolled it into a loaf. Came out yummy!
4. Lastly, my very first pie! The pie filling is a strawberry compote made of mashed strawberries, sugar and corn starch for thickness; layered with fresh sliced strawberries. Pie crust is entirely from scratch, just milk, sugar, butter and flour.


OC 82: Poof!


I swear, my hair has a life of its own sometimes. Drawing it this way came about because it was much simpler to do so when I switched to inking with a brush. I really like the look of the last few strips since I started using a brush, its more fluid even if a bit more messy.

Still having a hard time drawing Micah's new hair. (Not so new anymore...its been a few months since he cut it.)

But look! I found Nemo! LOL



OC 81: In a jar

I don't know if anyone (other than the lovely Ms. Nash) has noticed, but I've got a separate blog set up for my art and random musings. Click on the "Art" button over on the right or go to if you're interested.

Meanwhile, here's Mistoffelees reigning over my desk as the Scanner Overlord. The moment the machine comes on, she jumps on top of it, rolling around and purring. I couldn't resist taking a quick scan of her sitting on top.

Scanner Overlord


OC 80: Spiiiiiiina


Look at the awesome sketch on the envelope the comic came in! The comic itself is sooooo freaking rad! It has these awesome color pages and pictures of Sam (he) and Sam (her). Its funny how they look nothing like how Sam (he) draws them. Totally made my week.

I also realized that I'd been saying his name wrong this whole time. Its Sp-ee-na...not Spy-na....I think. Sorry Sam.

See more of the Sams at




Dang, another update! What is this, bizarro-land?. The kittens are itty bitty but they eat a LOT! Seriously, we go through a large can of catfood a day. Aren't they just adorable though?

I feel bad for Mistoffelees. Whenever she can get away from the kittens, all she does is sleep.


OC 78: Disoriented


Finally back! I was in a funk for quite a while then I just...really missed drawing. For the rest of the summer, I'm going to try to update daily. Whee!

Don't forget to check out some other amazing comic-people who are updating daily...or at least, often. These are seriously some of my favorites that I can't go a day without reading. Hope you like them too!

Matt Graupman at
Sam Spina at