OC 78: Disoriented


Finally back! I was in a funk for quite a while then I just...really missed drawing. For the rest of the summer, I'm going to try to update daily. Whee!

Don't forget to check out some other amazing comic-people who are updating daily...or at least, often. These are seriously some of my favorites that I can't go a day without reading. Hope you like them too!

Matt Graupman at thespinadoo.blogspot.com
Sam Spina at spinadoodles.com



  1. I'm glad you and I are both out of our funks now and back to drawing. I really like all the different mediums you used in this comic.

    And that horde of teething kittens looks like something from my nightmares.

    Thanks for the shout out, too.

  2. Oi, my poor Sheika! I've missed you & your comics so much!

    I hope you're doing better and that you can send the kittens to new houses soon too!


  3. HURRAH! :D drawing again! seeeeeee!!!! (so Proud!) I've not had the internet for two WHOLE days... (it almost killed me!) so I'm not up-to-date yet!

    I love those kittys - there's something ever so Jeffery Brown about them!

    sorry, You mentioned my blog, so now I've everso enthusiastic... :D xxx

  4. I need to start drawing more, too. I'm up to drawing a bit every few days, cuz I try multitasking and end up not having time to draw...