Battle comic with Christopher Downes

Rex V Downes teaser

Wanna see the rest? Head on over to Christopher's site where he has also made a revenge comic.


Hey everyone! I'm doing a bit better though still recuperating. I can now walk (very) short distances on crutches, mostly when I'm hopped up on painkillers. My arm feels worse than before. Movement is limited and I have no grip. I'm really hoping its just the bruising and nothing is torn in there.

Here's a comic I drew up about two weeks ago for Christopher Downes. He put out a call for a fight comic where you get to beat him up. (There was no way I was going to pass on that chance!) However, he didn't mention that there would be a revenge comic!

I love Christopher's version of Sheikasaurus Rex. He has such a way with expressions, and the faces in the revenge comic are absolutely hilarious.

See you again soon, and don't forget to throw a guest comic my way if you get a chance. :)



  1. *hugs Sheika*

    Super fun comic you made, and also the revenge one he made!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I love the battle between you and Chris. Well done!