Guest Comic: Duffy Allen

Go see the comic enlarged at Duffy Allen's blog!


 Man, I love love love this comic! I love how I look like something straight out of a 90's Nickelodeon cartoon! Do you remember those? Weird little kids with strangely shaped heads and buggy eyes. And doesn't that car look like an assh....errr...butt....hole. Yeah.

The funny thing is that Duffy Allen originally painted the car red but changed it to pink later on. Coincidentally, the car that hit me was red! When Duffy Allen was drawing this, I hadn't yet told anyone the color of the car!

OoooOOOooOOOooooh! Methinks he has mad mind-reading skills!

Also, OMGcowar! Get it? Get it? Heh.

Thanks so much, Duffy Allen! (Duffy? Allen? Duffen?) If anyone else is up for throwing a guest comic my way (hey, I've already taken on cars, what's a comic? LOL) feel free to do so!



  1. Awesome!!! That Duffy, Allen is something else! And so are you! I miss your comics Sheika... hope you're all better very very soon!!!

  2. That's a super cute comic, and I love that funky style!
    But, I miss your comics, missy! I really hope you'll feel much better soon! *hugs*

  3. Yeah, Allen! Way to step up!