OMGcow 224: Lose weight!


  1. ME TOO! :D LETS DO THIS TOGETHER! :D skinny cake! x

  2. I'm gonna "humble brag" for a minute here:

    This time last year, I weighed 50 more pounds than I do now and I've kept it off. It really is simple: eat less, exercise more. I did Weight Watchers and started with long walks then yoga and now I run (a whole bunch). There are two keys: (1) do it because you want to (for your health or self-esteem or whatever); and (2) keep it manageable, by which I mean don't do any crazy diets or exercise fads; fitting something into your lifestyle than you enjoy will help you stick with it and avoid the yo-yo-ing.

    I think you look great, Sheika. You're a beautiful, talented person just the way you are. Nonetheless, I'll support you in any way I can (if you need, like, recipes or exercise advice or whatever).

    Good luck! :D