Some thoughts


So here I am, reconsidering the direction I want to take with this blog and my comics. I started doing auto-bio comics because I love reading them and find even the most mundane things so entertaining. Besides, the say write what you know and what do I know more than myself, right? Lately, though, its been hard. I feel like my life is so boring, no one could possible find it interesting. Honestly, its become more of a chore to do these comics. I'm sure its evident in the deteriorating art style and content (not that I was very good to begin with.)

More and more I find myself spinning stories and doing character sketches. I it time for me to try a long-form fiction comic? I'm terrified. Writing is my weakest skill and I worry that I won't be able to keep up with it.

The further I get with school, the more I get engrossed in the "fine" side of art. Painting. drawing, know, those old fuddy duddies of the art world. I've been devoting more time to it and I wonder if I'm starting to lose interest in comics. The thought of it makes me horridly depressed.

So I guess this is a warning or heads-up of sorts. There's probably going to be some changes around here. Possibly even scrapping the entire blog and starting over from scratch. Who knows but I hope you guys will be along for the ride.


  1. Hey! I don't think you should panic so much! :) And don't worry about your comics being boring, capturing the mundane is just as much a part of autobiography as making a joke about your life!

    I'm finding myself doing character sketches all the time too, and it's great, but if you're like me and struggle with the words, then enlist some help from someone who already writes - do something that's by you and a friend - it'll take half the pressure off!

    You'll never loose interest in comics! You've just prioritized school - which is fantastic! Comics is essentially just 'narrative art' and all the other stuff isn't going to take anything away from your work, studying a variation of art styles is only going to help push your ability!

    I'm sure you've already heard of these guys but check out David Mac and Dave McKean - fine artists do work within the comic book industry, so don't pigeon hole yourself!

    Gosh! sorry for the lecture! I don't mean to go on, but my basic message here was supposed to be - if it's feeling like a chore, then don't do it, give yourself some space, do some other art, or change what you are doing so you enjoy it again... there's nothing worse than resenting your work.

    lol. you can probably tell that I want to be an art teacher can't you?

    I hope you carry on posting, even if it's not your comics

    April xxxx

  2. I love your comics! But you have to do what you think it's best and what you need to do!

    I just want to keep on reading whatever you decide to include in your blog!


  3. Whatever you post, I'll check it out. I love your work.