OC 75: Poooooke!


This one's for Matt over at Spinadoo Comics. He's one of my favorite comics people that I make sure to check for updates everyday. He's endlessly supportive and his comments have kept me going through periods when I want to give up comics completely. He's been in a creative funk for FOREVER (ok...fine...for a week. It feels like forever!) and I'm hoping he gets a bit of a pick-me-up from this.

Coooome oooooonnnnn Matt! Gimme comics already! :D


  1. *Gigantic face-cracking smile* Sheika, you're the best. I look so sad in the first few panels and, honestly, I'm pretty okay. I've been taking my boys to the playground a lot, the zoo, etc. I'm sorry you miss my comics but I promise I'll return. I just don't want to go through the motions. Maybe this is the push I need. Thank you so much for such a massive honor. You are so talented and so encouraging.

    Send me your address on Facebook and I'll mail you a comic, okay? Maybe an old one or maybe the first one I do when I start posting again.