Hourly Comics 2012


  1. Very nice hourlies, Sheika.

    Do you like metal-smithing? I took a jewelry-making class in college and hated it. My hand were too big to work on stuff that small and all my pieces melted weirdly and looked awful. I hope you've had a better experience.

    Still thinkin' good thoughts for you and Micah. :D

  2. I love your hourly comics!

    I hope Micah's dad is recovering well and you two can be together again soon!

  3. OMG Hourly cow comics! :) I love them :) I hope you're ok? Especially with Micah. It's good news that his dad will be getting out of hospital soon. Working with metal looks awesome! :) OMG Heavy Metal Cow :)

    I'm glad you drew this - I like following your day - and yay - COMICS! I haven't ridden on the back of a trolley in the longest while. Needs to happen I think :)

    mucho loves to you xxxx