OMGcow-bits #1 + Donation Drive!

For the foreseeable future, I will be doing these small comics taken with my camera-phone. I will still draw regular full-length comics but I won't be bale to upload them until I get a new computer.

The computer I'm looking at getting is about $500 and will be built just for me. It will be a lovely powerhouse of a thing, assured to last me quite a few years (probably even until I graduate!) This will be an investment, not just in the comics, but in my future! The only catch is, I only have about a month to do this!

I would like to announce the "Fund Sheika's New Computer" donation drive! Whether or not I get a new computer, I will continue to update the comic as best as I can but any amount at all that you can spare would be amazing.

How can I donate?

#1. You can visit my store (click!) and buy art, comics, pins or greeting cards!

#2. You can commission me directly for art! I can do paintings, drawings, comics for you or featuring you, design logos, business cards etc.

#3. Donate directly to me using this handy dandy PayPal button!

When donating, please include an e-mail I can reach you at so I know what to draw for you!

What do you get out of it?

Here's the breakdown:
$5 - A 4x5 black-and-white ink sketch. Anything you want. Mailed to you.
$10 - A 4x5 watercolor painting. Anything you want. Mailed to you.
$15 - An 8x10 black-and-white ink sketch. Anything you want. Mailed to you.
$20 - An 8x10 watercolor painting. Anything you want. Mailed to you
Above $20 - My eternal gratitude + e-mail me. I'm sure I can make something just for you.

What kind of sketches/paintings can you get?

I can do pet portraits such as this:

Family portraits. Perfect for Holiday cards:

Or maybe just something you or a loved one is into?

Thank you so much. This means absolutely the world to me; and I hope to keep providing comics you enjoy and love!


  1. The people in that family portrait are all very attractive individuals. ;D

  2. My Caneli! You are such a wonderful artist!