OMGcow 148: Free wine!

Some sketches from the night:

Michael Smith
Cindy Eubanks
The Monkey House 1

The Monkey House 2

Evan Spears


  1. OMG this is one hundred percent my life somedays. It is crazy-amazing what a shower and good conversation can do to make you feel better about cranky feelings/life

  2. Hooray for feeling better and getting out of the house, it really IS all you need to feel better sometimes!

  3. Is that cowzilla suit real or symbolic? I like how you grey out people in a different colour btw, less gloomy than putting a shade of grey over them. *guilty*

  4. The suit is symbolic. Although, I am trying to save enough money to get one made for me to wear at Cons and stuff. (That's the official reason. I'll probably just wear everywhere.)