Manifesto 2011

After 3 years of taking general college classes, fighting my parents and losing myself in the decay society calls "getting a normal job"; I finally started taking art classes. One of the first was a fundamental design class taught by artist and phenomenal instructor, Coleen Steritt. At the end of the course, we were instructed to write an artist's manifesto. Sitting down to really think and figure out what art means to me, not simply as a hobby or a fun activity, but as it affects me as a person. I came to realize that art was something I pursue, to consume entirely, to allow to dictate my entire life. That manifesto fueled 2010 for me, leading me to begin OMGcow, take it seriously enough to self-publish and attend Cons.

I ended up taking Mrs. Steritt's sculpture class last semester and near the end of the year, we were again instructed to make a manifesto. I know that a lot of people dread this particular assignment, but it works for me. Writing these at the end of the year helps me re-focus on my goals. I'd like to start 2011 with my Manifesto from the class.

Thank you for sticking with me through a whole year(!!!) and here's to greater things in 2011 for all of us!



  1. Woah! What a big fat awesome post!
    I admire your passion and commitment. You just keep these awesome comics flowing! :D

  2. What a brilliant post and manifesto, Sheika!
    I do hope you will continue with your art and your comics!

  3. This is a great little comic!

  4. Nice! I do like some conceptual art, although it's a pretty vague term.

  5. Beautiful, Coherant, and utterly true! I'm never very good at getting my opinons about ART on paper - especially in comic format (I tend to waffle!) so this is SO good :) sums up my thoughts exactly too! I believe in you! And I think that you'll go far with an attidute and a work ethic like that! xxxxxxxx

  6. This was wonderful and inspiring. The best of your comics thus far.

    You're right, art should be a hunger both literally and figuratively. I hope this year brings you more insight and drawing experience points! (You know, like an RPG?)