Guest comic: Sheikazilla by Chris Downes

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 You guys! OMG you guys! Chris drew me a guest comic!!! I am seriously loving that scary face on Sheikasaurus (Sheikazilla?) Rex...I spent a good 30 minutes in front of a mirror trying to replicate it.


Birthday Wishlist: Sheikasaurus Rex

23 years ago, Sheikasaurus Rex was born. It looked something like this.

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Get Sheikasaurus Rex to RENT!


Hey everyone,

Not very many people know this but I'm a huge RENThead. (Ok, some people know this...specifically the people that put up with me singing the songs constantly.) Well, RENT is being put on at the Hollywood Bowl next month, directed by Neil Patrick Harris -- my all time favorite actor/performer/director/whatever!!! Can the stars of my musical theater geek-hood collide any harder?!? I think not.

Unfortunately...I am flat broke. So here I am, fund-raising in the hopes that I can raise roughly $150 in the next 30 days to make it to the show on August 8, 2010. What does this mean for you?

Well, my wonderful friends and readers (who I hope to become friends with! Hi there! *waves*) you can help get me and Mr. Rex to see RENT by pre-ordering OMGcow comics, pins, notecards and commissioning original art. I'd really appreciate it and I love you guys!

Here's hoping I can make my birthday wish come true!

These are availalble for pre-order. This means that the comics will be shipped mid September, the notecards and pins should be ready at the end of July, and I can start on art commissions in about a week!

See below for details and keep track of developments on Facebook or right here!

- Pre-order "OMGcow: The First Year" for $15.
A print version of all OMGcow comics from August 30, 2009 to August 30, 2010.
Over 100 pages, black and white with color cover.
Comics will be re-scanned, re-drawn where necessary and over-all made even MORE AWESOME than they are now!
Includes a pull-out 8x10 sketch/drawing/comic just for you! (Requests taken.)

- Pre-order a set of 4 mini-comics for $10 or individually for:
1. "How to be a Sheikasaurus Rex" and "What to do with 1000 cans of SPAM". 8 pages each, ultra-mini-comic, b&w for $2
2. "a Crab and a Manatee: The love story." 40 pages, b&w, color cover for $5
3. "Love Junkies". 35 pages, b&w, color cover for $5.

- Pre-order a set of 1inch (25 mm)  pins. 10 designs available. (Designs to come soon.)
3 pins for $5
5 pins for $7

- Pre-order a set of "Sheikasaurus Rex Goes RAWR" notecards. (Designs to come soon.)
5 notecards for $8
10 notecards for $14

- Pre-order a set of Love/Says mini-notecards. (Designs to come soon.)
5 mini-notecards for $3
10 mini-notecards for $8

- Original Art commissions!
* Original 8 page ultra-mini comic just for you or a friend/loved-one. (Great for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or just because.) B&W, includes front and back cover. $4
* Original 16 page mini-comic just for you or a friend/loved one. (Great for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or just because.) B&W, includes front and back cover. $7
* Original 40 page mini-comic just for you or a friend/loved one. (Great for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or just because.) B&W, includes front and back cover. $10

* Original ink drawing on Bristol Board. 5x4. B$W: $5. Colored: $7
* Original ink drawing on Bristol Board. 8x10. B&W: $10. Colored: $15. 


To Order with PayPal:

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To Order via E-mail or Etsy:
- Email me at Sheikasaurusrex (a) gmail (dot) com for details
- My Etsy shop which will be set up soon


- $1.50 per item. If ordering multiple items, shipping will be combined. (Pay as normal, I will refund excess shipping back to you.)


Guest Comic: Ten Thousand Gonzos


Today's guest comic comes from none other than Mr. Sheikasaurus Rex himself, Micah (who also has a blog titled Ten Thousand Gonzos but hasn't been updated in forever...*nudgenudge*)

From what I hear, people think I look most like the Angry version. I'm not really angry *that* often am I? Am I? ....RRRAAAWWWRRRR!!!!

Again, anyone up for sending a guest comic my way, please feel free to do so. You can send it to me on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at SheikasaurusRex (at) gmail (dot) com.


Guest Comic: Duffy Allen

Go see the comic enlarged at Duffy Allen's blog!


 Man, I love love love this comic! I love how I look like something straight out of a 90's Nickelodeon cartoon! Do you remember those? Weird little kids with strangely shaped heads and buggy eyes. And doesn't that car look like an assh....errr...butt....hole. Yeah.

The funny thing is that Duffy Allen originally painted the car red but changed it to pink later on. Coincidentally, the car that hit me was red! When Duffy Allen was drawing this, I hadn't yet told anyone the color of the car!

OoooOOOooOOOooooh! Methinks he has mad mind-reading skills!

Also, OMGcowar! Get it? Get it? Heh.

Thanks so much, Duffy Allen! (Duffy? Allen? Duffen?) If anyone else is up for throwing a guest comic my way (hey, I've already taken on cars, what's a comic? LOL) feel free to do so!