OC 90: End of Year 1

That's right folks...this marks the end of the first year of OMGcow. I've learned a lot along the way, mostly what NOT to do. Haha!

Looking out from today, I will be at a Comic Convention on October 29-31. In preparation, I've got mini-comics, prints and buttons in the works. I've also got a small side project up my sleeve. In addition to school and time set aside for rest and healing...I'm swamped.

What does this mean for OMGcow? Well, I've decided to keep this once-a-week schedule for a little while.

Thanks to everyone that's stuck around and here's to another year together!


  1. Here's to many more great years (on whatever schedule works for you)! Congrats, Sheika.

  2. Yay for an awesome day there, and for a full first year of OMGCow!!

    I just can't wait to read and see more of it all!