OC 40: Life is a Comedy

I can't believe I'd never heard of Bottomless Belly Button! I seriously live under a rock. It's a frightening 720 page graphic novel by Dash Shaw but I devoured it in 2 hours. Its a breath-taking book that needs to be experienced to understand just how awesome it it! Highly recommended.


  1. I got Bottomless Belly Button for Christmas and, just like you, I cranked it out in 2 hours (amazing when you think how it took Dash Shaw 2 1/2 years to draw). I totally agree that it is an incredible piece of art. It's so much better than Chris Ware's (overrated) Jimmy Corrigan and right up there with Craig Thompson's Blankets as a must read graphic novel. If you're interested, Dash has a on-line story he's serializing on his website... I haven't read it yet but you should check it out.

  2. You're too cute for words!

    And now I want to have coffee while reading Sherlock...