Filler: Sharpie comics

When I was young, I drew hundreds of 3 page comics on plain white paper and Sharpie. There's a certain excitement to drawing an entire comic off the top of your head, no pre-outlined story or character, no erasing, just you and the toxic fumes! Hahaha!

I decided to make up a quick "comic workshop/challenge" with Micah where we completed a 3 page comic plus cover in under an hour. A problem he has is he tends to spend so much time dwelling on The Perfect character Design and the Perfect Story + Script that he never actually gets to making the damn thing. And once he did start, the tiniest mistake or road-bump was enough to derail him forever. My challenge was to come up with a character name and design in 5 minutes, then draw each page at 10 minutes each. Here's the result!


  1. Cool concept. Sometimes it's best to force yourself to just make art and not worry about perfection or consequences. James Kochalka famously wrote that "craft is the enemy" and, while that's not always true, sometimes it's best not to get so hung-up on production over content. Art is all about growing and challenging yourself, right?

  2. That's awesome Sheika!
    Challenges always push us and make us see things in a different way!

  3. I greatly enjoyed the workshop.
    I love you dear.

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