OC 36: The Meet Up - Part 3

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Well, that story-arc wrapped up quite nicely with this year. I'll probably still do a year-end comic tomorrow. How are you celebrating your New Year's Eve?

That *awesome* pink zebra purse Lynn hides behind in panel 2 is a handmade Brooke original, by the way! check out her shop at BrookeVanGoryDesigns.etsy.com

OC 35: The Meet Up - Part 2

OMGcow now updates DAILY Monday-Friday

These people are WAY WAY CUTER than my measly drawing skills can portray. Trust me! Heh. I really need to work on drawing people other than myself and Micah.

OC 34: The Meet Up - Part 1

OMGcow now updates DAILY Monday-Friday!

What's this? A long-form story-arc??!!? No way! hahaha!

The lovely lady I'm chatting to Mary Overton of BlackKittenAccessories. Others I want to thank whole-heartedly are Lynn Kwan, Nicole of Eyescream Industries and all the wonderful friends I've made at DIYscene.com. You guys are freaking amazing and the most awesome support-network anyone could ask for!

OC 28: In hindsight, I prefer Midterms Elephant

OMGcow is on hiatus till Dec 19 due to crazy insane Final Exams! In the meantime, I will be posting sketches as filler on regular update days.

When the comic picks up again, I will attempt to do a DAILY!. Yup yup. See you guys soon!!!

OC 26: String is to kitten as Crack is to people!

I swear, that cat is spoiled rotten!!!

Anyhow, the most amazing punk rocking momma I know, Brooke from BrookeVanGory, gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award! This means a lot to me coming from the most unique, talented and creative person I know, not to mention one of my greatest friends. One of these days, I will make the trip out to Chicago and take her out to midgets and booze!

So, here are the rules:

Put the award with message on your Blog.
Leave a message and link to the one you got it from.
Tell us 7 things about you we didn’t know.
Choose 7 other bloggers who you want to give this award,
link to them and let them know you gave them the award!

So here are 7 things about me:

♥ I love quirky handmade vagina themed things! I think the vagina really is one of the most beautiful things in the world, as well as being a fun word to say. Vagina. Vaaaagina. Vagiiiiina. LOL The world should be more accepting of vaginas.

♥ I had braces once. I learned that I would smile differently once my teeth were straightened, so I took them off. My favorite thing about myself is the way my teeth show when I smile. Now, my teeth aren't perfect but I love how they look on me.

♥ I have a purple and green mohawk, dress in really loud colors, have tattoos, am a great public speaker, and have a webcomic where I share intimate details about my life. In reality, I'm very very shy.

♥ I eat rice with EVERYTHING. Bacon and rice makes the best breakfast.

♥ I hate hate hate clipping my nails. I hate the CLIP sound, I hate getting bits of nail everywhere, and I especially hate the feel of the nail being amputated from the bed.

♥ I hate any lipbalm that isn't unflavored Carmex. I actually kinda like how it tastes and tingles on my lips.

♥ I'm a beer kind of girl. Wine coolers are ok, and hard liquor rocks my world; but beer is a nice chill way to get where you're going without making too big a deal of it.

And the 7 people I want to give this award to:

In Love With Handmade
What The Craft blog
EmiTown (Not technically a blog blog....but still super creative and on a blog platform...)
Living Good at Liv'nGood Jewelry
Between Gears (Again, not a blog blog. It's my post, I can do whatever I want with it! LOL)