OC 34: The Meet Up - Part 1

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What's this? A long-form story-arc??!!? No way! hahaha!

The lovely lady I'm chatting to Mary Overton of BlackKittenAccessories. Others I want to thank whole-heartedly are Lynn Kwan, Nicole of Eyescream Industries and all the wonderful friends I've made at DIYscene.com. You guys are freaking amazing and the most awesome support-network anyone could ask for!


  1. Awww!! This one is great! Mary is truly an amazing friend. I feel lucky to have her, too!

    Love you mamacita!

  2. You are awesome Sheika, and so are all the ladies at DIYscene, the bestest forum in the whole wide online & offline world!!

  3. Great comic!! I'm starting to see that you can make some really great friends online that turn out to be way better then your real life ones!