OC 18: Of Monsters and T.V. Dinners


  1. *huggles Sheika*

    Hang in there girlie! You are a talented artist and will pull through anything!

  2. oh love, I know it's tough out there but I'm here for you and I'm talking to you on the phone, and saying "I love you too." right now.

  3. **hugs** WHAT DO YOU MEAN you have no one to tallk to?!?!!? What am I, a figment of your IMAGINATION!

    I am offended, really. Maybe you need a spanking.

    Oh, and I need your address, I have a special for you. You can PM it to me, or send it to me on FB. Or e-mail it to me on here.

    **throws confetti in Sheika's general direction**

    Keep your chin up, remember the best rainbows always appear after the worst thunderstorms!

  4. You know you can talk to me anytime!

  5. Your art is wonderful, a perfect outlet for this kind of stress. I hope it all gets better soon. Have some fun on Halloween, let it all go.