OMGcow 219: Thirsty Isle

So I am now writing a weekly column on making, sharing and selling indie comics! I'll be talking about everything I've learned so far, pointing out resources and answering the questions I had when I first started. I am no expert but I hope to keep trying to carve my way in the industry...and I want to share the journey with you guys.

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OMGcow 214: Making comics

Yep. Every single comic has my DNA allllllll over it! This is my new Hourly Comics for 2012. The cover matches my dress!

OMGcow 212: Art is work

I'm working on a piece for my Intermediate Drawing class. I was given random words (OMGcow 197) to create a 42 inch drawing from.

OMGcow 210: Sunken City

Rachel and I have been friends for a while now. We're around each other often, we influence and contribute to each others' art. Yet I love how, even while sitting inches away, our styles are so obviously different.
(Top: Rachel. Bottom: Me)

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