Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a friend of Sheika's updating on behalf of Ms. OMGcow.  Sheika was hit by a car while crossing the road this weekend.  Not to fret dedicated readers, she's ok, but her arm is swollen and in pain.  For now, OMGcow is on hiatus until she can draw again.

If anyone wants to do guest comics while Sheika heals she will love you forever! 

Please check out the facebook page for updates and to send her your get wells :)  


  1. *smoochies and huggles for Miss Sheika*

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident, Sheika. I just read through your archives from start to finish the day before yesterday, and look forward to your future comics. Get well soon. May this experience inspire lots of good strips!

    Does this mean you're changing the name to OMG --> Car!?

  3. Oh, that really sucks. Hope you get back to the drawing board soon. In the meantime, I'll brew up a good retribution comic for ya!