OC 25: New Kitten!

My secret is out...I have a horrible lag between posting comics and stuff really happening! This comic was drawn two weeks ago before I got Missy Mistoffelees. I debated over posting it but decided to go ahead with the storyline. I hope you guys don't mind.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all! Stuff yourselves full of turkey and love!

OC 24: Sniffles

I do believe Emi's gotten better! I still have a cold though. Mostly just a runny nose. I want to get the flu shot but I've been hearing from people that got sick with the fly AFTER the shot. That just sounds unpleasant.

OC 23: What I did this weekend

Adam Sandler movies with Drew Barrymore are the best! I believe 50 First Dates is on my movie-list for next week. The brush pens turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I had ordered a set of pastels but received brights instead. I returned them for a replacement though...hopefully that comes through soon.

In drawing this comic, I learned that I can't draw Adam Sandler, but I can do a fairly good Simon Pegg! Haha!

What did YOU do this weekend?

OC 22: Conversations

Midterms are finally over! The last week just really came crashing down on me. Today's comic is inspired by a strip from Joe Decie over on What I Drew (Pictures in Boxes That Are True And Made Up).

OC 21: The Minutae of Raising a Tree

A colored comic today! Mostly because I'm quickly burning through my buffer of comics I save for busy weeks. And this month is turning into a crazy one with all the Midterms and projects due at once.

And yes, I really do this. The sad part was that I was this drunk off of two tiny Dixie cups of champagne! (The Dixie cups is a whole 'nother story...)

OC 20: Glee!

I can't decide between keeping just the black-and-white line-art or adding in grays. Hmmm.... What do you guys think?