OC 19: The Joys (and Sorrows) of Sushi

This comic will have to be unfinished for now. I'm getting a colonoscopy tomorrow (aka. they stick a long camera up your butt-hole!) and I need to start drinking that icky stuff that makes you poo. Ick. Haha!

This will be shaded in hopefully before the weekend is over.

OC 17: Bad habits and Aww moments

Micah makes THE. BEST. SANDWICHES. Straight up. Hahaha!

I have a horrible habit of telling him I'll be done in "just 5 more minutes." He usually ends up falling asleep waiting for me. I'm so lucky he's nice.

Evan and Gory are so lucky as well! They have a hard-core rocking punk mama who is one of the best mothers I know! I always get all teary-eyed and sniffly when I read her blog.

Check it out at Brooke Van Gory

And if that's not enough to make you head over there, here are the brothers in the most amazing 'Awwww' moment ever!

OC 16: Damn So-Cali Weather!

It's been an absolutely horrible week as far as weather goes. I never know what to wear when I step out of my door. I'm hoping for a nice warm balmy weekend though so I can head for the beach one last time this summer.

If any of you are camera-lovers like myself, you should check out Pili's blog In Love With Handmade . She's turned her generic ol' camera into one heck of a funky fashionista!

OC 15: My wonky hand

Washable paints make great gifts for kids! It fosters creativity and their parents will love you forever. What's on your Christmas shopping list? how about making it something personal? Or better yet, handmade!!!

Check out http://www.etsy.com for awesome handmade clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories, furniture etc. Search for "DIYscene" to find some awesome rocking stuff and special discounts on Thursday!

OC 13: Hehehe....Dump...hehehehe....

I learned to make this in Speech class this week. Micah didn't think it would bake properly, not being mixed and all. But it was wondrous and literally took me 10 minutes to put together!

OC 12: Carpal tunnel can suck the devil's nuts!

For lap-top users out there with carpal tunnel: Your battery charger makes a great wrist rest plus the warmth alleviates wrist pain! Seriously!

OC 11: Conversations with Freud

This began as a psychology assignment where we had to imagine a conversation with Freud. It was...interesting. Haha.

10: Oh no, There goes Tokyo...Momzilla!

$20 brand new Doc Martens! The nice high ones too! Seriously! I am ecstatic. Breaking them in was a bitch, but when they finally snapped...comfort AND foot protection! It was instant love.

This one time in the workshop, I turned on a band saw. The blade came loose and flew at my face, bounced off my face guard and stuck itself deep in the toe of my Docs. They're not steel toes but at least they're reinforced. The leather was so thick, it stopped the blade right before it sliced off my 2nd toe. Pretty cool actually.

What would you buy on a shopping spree someone else was paying for?

09: Cookies! Om Nom Nom!

Of there's one thing I've learned from college, its that free snacks and soda equal a large turn-out. Students come out of the wood-work like you won't believe as long as there's free food involved. In my defense, I did attend the opening for the great photography. My Art History teacher offered extra credit but I forgot to turn in the paper. Ah well.