08: Hair Dye Stains are Hard to Get Rid of

I've been having major problems with Blogger's auto-update system. Can't wait for my lappy to get fixed so I can update myself every day.

Not much happening on my side of the screen. Been super busy with insane amounts of homework all due on the same day, plus a sculpture class I'm practically failing in. :(

Ah well. See you lovelies on Thursday!

07: Rabbit Food

Having some issues with uploading the comic today. Had to resort to the Blogger uploader but I'll try and switch this out to regular as soon as I can. I believe clicking the comic will take you to a bigger, more readable version

My cafeteria food actually isn't too bad. It tastes less greasy-lunch-room-food and more bland-frozen-dinner. What does your cafeteria serve?

06: Cupcake Sprinkles!

It's true! I do!

And the song is "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" by Ida Maria.

05: My Strange Snack Choices

I had set Blogger to automatically update with a comic yesterday as per schedule but that was a dud. Here's Saturday's comic...late. Sorry.

My apologies to the stomachs turning at the thought of this snack. Its actually quite yummy! Not sure on the healthy attributes but it sure beats a whole bar of chocolate.

Comments are open to all, by the way. If you don't have a Google/Blogger/Livejournal/Whatev account, pick the Open ID option. That should let you comment freely.

04: Cows are love!

Do you see icky pixelly stuff in the comic? It doesn't show up on my laptop but I visited the site on a friend's computer and there were compression fuzzies up the wazzoo! Need to work on that.

Someone commented that I draw myself like Sonic the Hedgehog. Heh. I suppose so. I blame all the hours I wasted trying to play Sonic. I never did get better.

03: Penis Jokes Make My Day

I'm back after my long absence. In apology, here is a two-part comic.

The Chocolate Box Tea Room is this gorgeous little place on Norse Ave a block from where I go to school. Jane makes the best white chocolate chip scones!

02: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate milk right now. I swear I drink like 5-6 mugs a day.

Between the two of us, we finished the Count of Monte Christo, Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Art & Fear, and French Milk. Productive summer, I'd say. (also, commas, much?)

Still working out the kinks on the website. All links are live, I believe. Pretty sure comments works...so leave me some! :)